Saturday, March 21, 2009

Party Time

What a wild and busy week it has been! From Thursday - March 12 through Wednesday - March 18, we went to three social gatherings. Then ... this weekend - our good friends were in town with their new baby boy - and I got lots and lots of good baby sugar from him. He is 3 months old - and just laughed and talked to his Nana Fran. After playing with little Myles, I went and saw a friends new great-grandson, Andrew. He is about 3 weeks old and so sweet and tiny.

But... back to the "events." Our first get-together was at our friends, the Ekbaums's, house. Their daughter, Laura, was in town to visit with her new grandson - so her mom, Gretel, took that as an opportunity for several of us to get together for a wonderful Mexican supper. Friends Wyatt and Vicki, Laura, and Larry and I all gathered at Tom and Gretel's for a great evening. One thing is for sure - when this group gets together - there is never a lull in the conversation! Wyatt and Vicki had just returned from a trip to Eureka Springs - and we all enjoyed hearing about that. Vicki said she was looking forward to getting in the springs, but, unfortunately, they are just about dried up. I think Wyatt said they need to rename the town "Eureka Leaks." Below are a few pictures from that night.

Then - on Monday - it was Wyatt's birthday. Several of the folks from Olde Towne gathered at the new restaurant on the brick streets "Petra Cafe" for his birthday lunch. It was good to celebrate with our friends. We all laughed and enjoyed the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. At the end of our meal - someone asked about our ticket - and Vicki said "Tommy paid for everyone's lunch today." All the folks at lunch knew exactly what she meant - since our friend, Tommy, was such an important part of Olde Towne in 2006 and 2007. Even though we miss him - we still feel his presence - especially when he buys our lunch! Here are a few photos from that day.

And... finally - we went to a "first" (for us) on Wednesday night. Our sweet friends, Carlin and Adam are expecting their first baby in mid-August. On Wednesday - they were scheduled to find out if they were expecting "Morgan Marie" - or "Samuel Edward." They planned a hamburger cookout for that night. They called it "The Big Reveal!" What a great idea! As soon as they found out the gender, their good friend drew the appropriate "boy" or "girl" picture - which they put in a frame with the sonogram. They wrapped those - and presented them to the grandparents at the party. The "Big Reveal" came when they opened them! They also had a cake decorated with the appropriate name - along with M&Ms with the baby's name on them! It was so much fun! They are already enjoying this baby - even months before the birth! Look at the pictures below to see who will be here in August!

Yes.... I've been behind on my "blogging" - but it seems I go at full speed all day. We've been so busy at "When Pigs Fly" - getting ready for the summer and the "busy-ness" of the Saturday markets. They were really good for business last year - and we expect the same this year. Larry and Glynn have been on two shopping trips to Canton, Texas - and are preparing to go to the 450 mile garage sale in May. They will start with a visit with our friends, Tommy and Diane Crawford, in Gatlinburg - and then work their way back to Meridian, where the sale ends. I'm eternally grateful to Glynn! He loves these sales as much as Larry does - and they have a great time! As most of you know.. I do NOT have the shopping gene! I have such a good time every evening (and several times during each day) talking to them on the phone - and hearing about what a good time they are having. So... I stay home and run the store. It works out perfectly for everyone! Here is a picture of them a couple of weeks ago when they returned from a buying trip to Canton, Texas.

Thanks for reading my blog. I'll be more timely in the future!

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if you had given up. :) Just kidding. I may be slow for a little while since my camera broke. It is terrible to not be able to post pictures to go with my stories. :(