Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We are Officially "Those People"

Last night - we had what COULD have been a terrible experience. The A/C was not acting "exactly" right - and Larry was in the backyard for quite a while working on it. We knew Peanut (the dog) had gone outside with him. What we DIDN'T realize was - when Larry came in - Peanut didn't come in with him. I was sitting in my chair by the window - and kept hearing a dog barking - but... it seemed from a good distance away - so it didn't cross my mind it might have been Peanut. And... since she doesn't stay right with us in the house - we didn't miss her until time to go to bed. Usually - around 9:30 or 10:00 - she lets us know she is ready to go to bed - but.. last night she didn't. So... Larry started looking for her - and she was no where to be found. We looked under the beds - in the closets - under the desk - she wasn't to be found. SO... we got dressed - grabbed a flashlight - and off we went. Yesterday - when we took our morning walk - we (Larry - Fran - and Peanut) walked over to Highland Village to buy some envelopes - so.. I was panicking - that she might have gotten out and decided to go shopping again. I could only imagine what it would have been like - after dark - with her trying to cross the busy street. So..Larry drove - ever so slowly - and I walked the sidewalks with the flashlight - calling her name - and hoping not to disturb anyone who might be already "in the sack." We had NO luck - and were alternating between praying for her safe return, hollering for her - and holding back the tears! We did have a little laugh - thinking that anyone passing us on the street probably thought we were a fussing couple - that I wouldn't get in the car with my husband!
We came on home - and went back out into the backyard to check the fence. I just happened to shine the flashlight over toward the storage building - and saw two shiny little eyes. Yep... it was Peanut - and she did NOT come running to us with joy! We had to go coax her out from behind the shed. I guess she was pouting. She was fine - ... Larry figures she just got tired of barking - and had made her a little comfy place to spend the night.

We were SO relieved that she was okay - and I had to smile this a.m. when I heard Larry say, "Peanut -I'm so glad we found you last night. It would have been bad (for us) - if you had slept the night in the yard - and we had stayed up all night crying for you."

Yep... we have officially turned into "Pet People." I NEVER thought that would happen!

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