Sunday, February 22, 2009


As most of you know - three years ago - we opened a shop in Olde Towne Clinton called "When Pigs Fly." In this little shop - Larry says we have everything from "peaches to parasols" - which is partially true. We really do have a couple of parasols - just no peaches. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of such an enterprise - is an overflow of "stuff" at our house. It seems that things find their way here to be cleaned, researched, and/or priced.

Shortly after we bought this house - we bought Larry a dandy shed for the backyard. Our friend Tommy and I finished the inside with insulation, electrical outlets, lights, and pegboard walls. The shed became the dropping off place for the above mentioned "stuff."

Today was a beautiful day - so I took the opportunity to do a bit of "spring cleaning" in the shed. I went at it with a vengeance - and in just a short time had emptied out a couple dozen hammer handles, a dozen large tent stakes, 2 dozen industrial mop heads, a couple hundred ear plugs, about 2,000 paper water cups, a dozen urinal screens (yes.. .you read that correctly), a large display shelf, a small trunk, 2 paper towel dispensers, 12 industrial rolls of paper towels, an end table, and a partridge in a pear tree (not really - I'm just checking to see if you are paying attention).

Believe it or not - this is only a small part of what is in the shed. BUT.. just getting these items out made a huge difference in the way I felt today. I had a feeling of actually getting something done - and it made me feel really, really good.

I thought about that a lot this evening - and also thought about all the different kinds of "clutter" in my life. Not just what is in the shed or in my house - but also what is always flying around in my head. I end up with clutter from the television, the newspaper, the radio, - not to mention just keeping up with life from day to day.

One of my favorite people in my writing group, The Southern Writer's Group, Ben Douglas, has made the point on several occassions that he finds time and energy to write - by leaving out some of the "junk" that is around us all the time. It obviously works well for him - he is an accomplished writer - and an all around "neat" person.

SO... I plan to have "less" in my "space" - which will give me "more" peace and tranquility..... ie. . - LESS television, LESS idle conversation, LESS stressing over that which I cannot control, and MORE quiet, MORE rest, and MORE order in my life.

So.. after saying all that - I guess I better practice what I preach. Since it is almost 2:00 a.m. - I am not getting off to the best start!

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