Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Tie" and "Tanium"

Oh my - when I start thinking "blog" - my mind goes in a million different directions! So many things happen - that I think are "blog-worthy." They usually aren't "world-shaking" - but they are important to me and mine.

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that 2008 was a year of mixed blessings. I gave a hint when I talked about "choosing" pain. In the fall of 2007, Larry made the decision to have both his knees replaced. He had no cartilage in either knee - and when he walked - it was "bone on bone" which resulted in almost constant pain. By the end of each day, the swelling was terrible! So... with his mind made up - we went about the business of finding the best surgeon for the job. Since we live in a neighborhood with several physicians and other health care professionals, I conducted an informal survey over several days on my morning walk. I didn't have anyone else to talk with since walking was out of the question for Larry! Anyway - each person was asked "Based on your observations, which orthopedic surgeon has the best outcomes for total knee replacement?" Each person asked gave me the name of at least two surgeons, and without fail, one of the names given was always Dr. Brian Johnson at Mississippi Sports Medicine. So - our minds were made up. Dr. Brian Johnson it was. An appointment for an initial consultation was scheduled, and the wheels were in motion. The first replacement was April 9th, 2008 and the second was June 23rd, 2008.

I am delighted to report the surgeries could not have been any more successful. Larry spent 3 nights in the hospital each time and now has two brand new titanium knees! In fact - he has named his knees 'Tie" - and "Tanium." He recently flew for the first time since getting them - and said the scanners went crazy as they passed over his knees! Thank goodness he has cards to keep in his billfold to verify he has a good reason for setting the alarms off.

Below is a picture of Larry and Trent "running" backwards. When we were in Memphis last weekend - we took Trent for a walk - and Larry showed him how to run backwards - not having a clue how much Trent would like it. It was just a silly something to do with him. We had a good laugh - because many times on Sunday and Monday - Trent would say "Look at this" - and "run" backwards. Isn't it funny - we just never know what will amuse a child!

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