Saturday, January 3, 2009

Recapping '08 - Looking toward '09

It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobego ........... oh wait - I'm getting my week confused with that of one of my favorite writers, Garrison Keillor. Well - it's been a quiet week here in north Jackson - and in Olde Towne Clinton! Larry decided to close "When Pigs Fly" the week between Christmas and New Year - to take inventory, cull old merchandise, and re-stock. Of course - if anyone wanted to come in and shop while he was there - he certainly didn't turn them away! Would you believe - he had two really, really good days -- on days when he wasn't opened!

I spent this week putting up (as in "taking down") Christmas decorations and finding homes for the gifts we brought home from our perfect Christmas celebration in Memphis.

I thought I NEVER WOULD get all these lights taken down!!! (wink-wink)
The holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving and going through the New Year could not have been any better. My sister and her family traveled to Mississippi from Houston, TX - and we all then went to Memphis/Lakeland for Thanksgiving with the Matt and Joan Gatewood family. The Texas folks had not seen Baby Jack - nor had they seen Matt and Joan's new house - so a visit was definitely in order. Matt and Joan (as they usually do) were the best host and hostess. The accommodations were great, the mood was fun, and the Thanksgiving feast was scrumptious. Matt and Mark (Susan's husband) had a good time watching the video "Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana" and giving a running commentary! They are even thinking about making a trip to one of the races later this year! I would have NEVER dreamed!!! Madison and Trent had a blast together. For two cousins who have only seen one another a couple of times - they became fast friends and were inseparable. We all missed having Scott with us - but - when your livelihood is connected to the hunting industry - well - you just have to stay put - Thanksgiving or not!

Larry and Matt getting the Thanksgiving turkey ready to fry. Matt is a turkey fryer extraordinaire!

Christmas could not have been any better. Larry and I went to Memphis (there's no way I could have missed seeing those kids enjoy the Christmas magic!). Scott was able to come to be with us all - and following Christmas came to Jackson for a couple of days to visit his grandparents and do a bit of shopping. He loves living in a small town - but when he does come to the "city" - he takes advantage of the stores. Joan's parents, Ken and Judy, were with us all too - and it was great fun. A good time was had by all!

Jack LOVED the penguin his Ging-Gong and Pap gave him!

When our niece, Madison, was born - we started giving her at least one Fontinini figure every year for Christmas. Of course I carried the tradition on with Trent, and now with Jack. The figures are wonderful - because they are so "kid-friendly."

Trent, coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. He was not quite sure what he would find!

Uncle Scott taking a break from playing with the kids!
Larry and I enjoyed a quiet New Year's Eve at home - after taking our friend, Glynn, to dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was his first time to eat there - and he loved it. I think he will be going back! New Years night we were invited to a get-together by our friends, Redd and Judy. Redd definitely has the gift of outside cooking - and had a wonderful tenderloin to prove it.

So - that is a recap of the things with the Larry Gatewood's since Thanksgiving.

2008 was a year of mixed blessings. I'll touch on that more in a later post. Hint: When does a person think excruciating pain would be a good thing? And - no... it doesn't have anything to do with being in labor!

We look with anticipation to 2009. The future looks bright!


  1. Do ya'll have the sign on the store now? I didn't know if you photo shopped it in there... If it is there, it looks fabulous!

  2. No - I just put it there. It does make me know we need a real one, though!

  3. Love your blog- can't wait for more updates! Yo' sister!