Friday, May 29, 2009

Come on In - Murphy

Wouldn't you know it! The reservations are made - the tickets are bought... the plans are in action for a fun vacation... and HERE COMES MURPHY!

Last night - we heard a "hissing" "water running" sound in the hall closet (where the hot water heater is). First thing this a.m. - I called our longtime friend and plumber Rodney McAlpin (Rod's Plumbing). If you ever need a plumber - he's your guy.

Anyway...after hearing about the problem on the telephone - he said it could be one of two things. One was not so bad. The other was pretty bad. Well... of course... it was the "pretty bad" one.

Then - while he was working on replacing the hot water heater - he discovered a problem with the central air conditioner. We had been patching this particular problem for a few years. Unfortunately - the time for patching is past - and we had to have our air conditioner guy come out and put in a new evaporator coil and pan. If you ever need air conditioner work - call Bill Clegg. He's prompt and good.

SO... when I woke up this morning... I had a little extra in my billfold. When I go to bed tonight... I'm going to be close to $2000.00 poorer.

Oh well.. life goes on. At least we are looking forward to a fun time with the grands and Matt and Joan in New Orleans - AND we don't have to worry about the hot water heater OR the air conditioner going out while we are gone (not that we would have anyway!).

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